God in a Covid19 World
Three weeks of evangalist series (in Hungarian only)

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Live broadcasting by Kovács-Biró János pastor

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Friday, Oct. 16th - Saturday, Oct. 17th - Sunday, Oct. 18th
Friday, Oct. 23rd - Saturday, Oct. 24th - Sunday, Oct. 25th
Friday, Oct. 30th - Saturday, Oct. 31st - Sunday, Nov. 1st


7:30 pm


We live broadcast on the Internet, Zoom platform.

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Coronavirus! When we hear this word, we might think, what is about to come now? Was it not enough? Until when this crisis situation will last? How to handle it? Until when can we support this? There are many questions in our minds. Because we are sensitive creatures, this situation causes disturbance in every angle in our lives.

People also think these days, where is God now?! What does He do right now? How does God relate to us? These are some of the questions that we are going to try to find answers throughout the presentations.

The series that is entitled “God in a World of Coronavirus”, is going to give answers to some of our questions. We hope many of you will join us in this series, as we hope and we believe that these presentations will help many of us to have another perspective on this crisis situation and will give us hope and assurance that we all need these days.

With Brotherly Love,
Pastor, Harold Novak






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