Isten Tisztelet

Istentiszteleti Szolgáltatásaink minden szombaton 11:00 - kor.

SZOMBATISKOLA (az istentiszteletek előtt kezdődnek): 10:00 - 11:00

Istentiszteleti szolgáltatások: A hónap 1., 2. és 3. Szombatján 11: 00 tól- 12: 45 óraig.
A 4. heti istentiszteletet  a ZOOMON tartjuk.

KÖZÖS Ebéd: Havonta egyszer, a bejelentések szerint.

Csatlakozz hozzánk istentiszteleteinkre!




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  • Guest (Bud Kesic)

    I am a christian but not a "church goer" on a regular basis. My wife takes me to the SDA church on special occasions. I find the music beautiful and especially the young Mate's piano performance that touches my heart.

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  • Guest (Edie Parker)

    Great service and everyone participates in the worship. The sermon is always capturing and interesting. It makes me to come back every Sabbath.

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  • Guest (Katalin Kis)

    I have been attending this church for 31 years! It is a wonderful congregation to attend for worship! Love the fact that all services are bilingual, people are friendly and welcoming! There's always great food at the fellowship lunches!

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